Luciano Caspani, together with his brother Fausto and his father Agostino, in 1975 founded Cleaf (Caspani Luciano e Agostino Fausto), today a reference company for innovative surfaces and solutions for the furniture and interior design industries.
An intuition that evolves later with the idea of ​​developing a coordinated system of products and solutions to coat furniture and interiors.
After the faced panels division, therefore, the edges, the laminates and the semifinished products divisions are born, which today compose a company model that employs more than 250 people, based on four production sites in Brianza.
This flexible model allows for continuous experimentation transferring striking tactile and visual sensations to coating surfaces.
The number of textures and decoratives increased to create an advanced system of products, confirmed by the architects and companies that choose Cleaf to build inspirational spaces for living and working.

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